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A Very 'Green' Greenhouse

Last week we introduced you to our friends at Grow Food, Grow Hope, a wonderful AmeriCorps* VISTA project in Wilmington, Ohio. Today the Grow Food Grow Hope VISTA volunteers are back to show you an inventive use for your plastic pop or soda bottles.

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Guest Post by: Jessica Braun, Grow Food, Grow Hope

Inspired by the agricultural heritage and history not only of Wilmington College but of the entire surrounding community, Grow Food, Grow Hope has found a number of summer projects to work on in conjunction with their community gardening initiative.  The most interesting of these will be to build a second pop-bottle greenhouse at Wilmington College’s “Friends of Hope” Community Garden site.

After seeing a pop-bottle greenhouse at Blue Rock Station in Philo, Ohio, Grow Food, Grow Hope completed its first pop-bottle greenhouse at their Mulberry Street Community Garden site last summer.  Blue Rock Station, a green living farm that takes pride in their ability to translate green living principles into ways to live happy and fulfilling lives, was a great resource to offer plans and advice on how to build such a structure which is made almost entirely out of recycled or repurposed materials.

The completed greenhouse has a 14×14’ “footprint” with 60 tires as the foundation, 1600 plastic bottles as sides and two 60-gallon rain barrels collect water as a part of the north wall.  The same plan will be used to create the second greenhouse which is being built in cooperation with Professor Steven Pottoff’s “Values and Ethics” Service Learning class.  The students were able to collect the recycled materials and break ground during the school year and the greenhouse will be completed by the Grow Food, Grow Hope Summer Associates, who will be spending their summer volunteering with our project.

The Grow Food, Grow Hope Garden Initiative is a Wilmington College sponsored project which seeks to raise awareness of the benefits of local food production, backyard and community gardening, and increasing self-sustainability in our daily food habits.  You can follow our progress, donate, or check out our wish list online at, on Twitter ( and on Facebook.

For more information call (937) 382-6661 ext. 321, or email


Do you know of a garden or wildlife organization that deserves to be recognized for it’s work in their community? Email us at!


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  1. doesn;t moisture get in the bottles and grow scum, fungus, etc that would be very bad to have in a greenhouse?

  2. I would love to build this, are there any plans available?


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